Wednesday, February 7, 2007

210 degrees

It's time to start writing about food. I like to cook and eat. I like to experiment. For me, this blog is going to be a lab notebook of sorts. I'll write about what I've made, how I made it, what worked and what didn't.

After bearing witness to his away messages, I've enlisted Adam to contribute as well.
"I haven't made mashed potatoes very often... but when I do, they are damn good. A little butter, some coarsely ground pepper, no salt to speak of, and the most important ingredient: a tablespoon per potato of sour cream. YUM. "
210 degrees is the temperature at which a baked potato is done. That's the kind of info I want to keep track of, and that's my inspiration for starting this blog. More on the baked potato later.

Something to whet your appetite...

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