Tuesday, March 6, 2007

omfg delicious burger

I must say, I took a page out of Adam's book on this recipe with the Worcestershire sauce and the feta.

Recipe makes 3 patties. In a bowl, mix all this stuff together:
- 3/4 lb. ground beef (93% lean used)
- ~1/8 cup Worcestershire sauce
- however much feta cheese I had left (half a handful)
- 1 large garlic cloved, chopped up
- half a handful of bread crumbs
- a bunch of shakes of dried parsley and oregano
- crushed sea salt, ground pepper

Form into patties:

Grilled in a grill pan over medium-ish heat (yes that is a technical term.)

...until internal temperature is 130' for medium-rare! One of these days I'll write my post on why I am all about the kitchen thermometer. not the greatest pic, but you get the point.

After cooking, topped with a slice of pepper jack cheese, some field greens and stuffed into a whole-wheat pita.


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Adam said...

just my own $0.02 - I may have chewed Matt out a bit for using low-fat ground beef in a hamburger. 80/20 means delicious flavorful juices, and to me that's a good bit of what a burger is about.

In no way, however, does that detract from how delicious that thing looks wrapped in a pita. I am not sure whether I can come up with any more photogenic dish. mmmmmmm