Friday, March 9, 2007

The one thing I can bake... a good scone. I just discovered this a few minutes ago, and I had help; between my mom's tried-and-true recipe and my grandfather's Scottish blood in my veins, and how dead simple the recipe was, it worked out pretty well.

The center of each slice is a little on the elastic side, and the tops are deliciously crumbly. Half a tsp of cinnamon, barely enough sugar, and (for some reason rarely seen) golden raisins complete the mix. I had to call my mom at 10pm to verify that I was reading the recipe right - it called for 1T (as in "Tablespoon") of baking powder to two cups of flour. The ratio seemed high... but it was yummy.

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Adam said...

An update: I took the remaining nine to the bike shop this morning for an 8:30am meeting. They disappeared within six minutes. Comments ranged from "these are more moist than the ones Reid's mom makes" to "next time you should use cranberries." Well, yeah, but even golden raisins cost about half as much as an equivalent bag of cranberries.

Next time, I'm thinkin' almond extract with diced dried cherries... and I'll go buy a half pint of heavy whipping cream to use instead of whole milk.